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National Geographic, Perú, and YOU

Explore the Peru most do not get to see.

Perú – Amazon Jungle Adventure

Explore the rich biodiversity found at Manu National Park, at the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

Perú – The Inca Trail

The Inka Trail – The Trip of a Lifetime.

Cruise the Amazon.

An exciting opportunity to Cruise the Peruvian Amazon!

Dream Vacations

Every year you tell yourself, this is the year I travel. Instead of dreaming the days away about your future adventures, why not plan a real trip where you can explore the world and have an adventure all your own!

Perfect Fall and Winter Trips

A sample of the packages we offer that are perfect for fall or winter! Christmas in Prague? Ireland in the Spring? Winter on a cruise in the Antarctic? We offer them all.

VIII Dental Group – Cuzco, Perú (March 2016)

If you are a current last year dental student, a practicing dentist, or a retired dentist (or know someone who is) please consider going on our 8th Dental Trip to Cuzco, Peru.