Peru: The Add-Ons

Fellow Traveler:

Do we know Peru? We like to consider it a specialty of ours. Let us show you some of our favorite places. As always, we can work with you to customize your trip!

Special land rate for 8 days in Peru, visiting Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu (arrive any day). This trip includes stays in 3+ star hotels; accompanied bilingual guided sightseeing, entrance tickets to venues, all transfers and train tickets to Machu Picchu – no flights included.

On this trip, we invite you to add to your experience and explore more of Peru, see the beauty of the county. Choose from the following optional excursions (at an extra cost):

  • INKA Trail to Machu Picchu: 4-day all-inclusive hike, limited availability, one must book very early!!
  • LAKE TITICACAwith the floating islands of the Uros, ancestral Taquile Island
  • CHOQUEQUIRAO, which is often called sister city of Machu Picchu
  • Montaña VIÑICUNCA, the colored mountain
  • Q´ESWACHAKA,the last standing Inka bridge.
  • NAZCA LINES, in the desert south of Lima
  • MANU National Park, east of Cusco with largest biodiversity in the world
  • AREQUIPA, the white city, second largest in Perú, gateway to…
  • COLCA Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon, where the condors fly
  • For the more adventurous, the ruins of MAUKA LLACTA and KAANAMARCA plus nearby SUKUYTAMBO, where the Colca canyon and two other canyons meet!!
  • PAMPACHIRI, the stone forest of the CHANKA, a pre-Inka Nation
  • TARAPOTO and MOYOBAMBA, the gateway to KUELAP
  • HUARAZ,the gateway for Chavín de Huántar and the hiking of the White Cordillera.
  • Stay at the Resort of HUANCHACO with nearby TRUJILLO, the spring capital
  • CHAN CHAN, the adobe city
  • Port of Pimentel and CHICLAYO
  • Visit the site and museum of TheLord of SIPAN, whose riches rival that of Tutankhamen´s!!!
  • PIURA and the beaches of MANCORA, Hemingway´s Cabo Blanco deep-sea fishing place.
  • IQUITOS, heart of the Peruvian Amazon, cruise-port on the Amazon River

We, and our agents in Perú, can arrange for all these (and other) destinations.

Allow us to assist you with your next visit to PERÚ, home of the Inka Empire and the Spanish Conquest of the Americas.

Nos vemos,