National Geographic, Perú, and YOU

Recently, we posted on our Facebook Page about the National Geographic feature on Travelling in Perú.

While Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu are classics, we also suggest you REALLY explore the beauty of Perú and also suggest following extension packages (that can be added to any of our Peruvian packages):
— 4 day: We visit the seldom seen Inka ruins at Kaana Kancha and Mauka Llacta. Here we will go to Sukuytambo (where Colca Canyon meets two other canyons), Lampa with ‘only’ copy of the Pieta by Michelangelo, and Lake TitiCaca where the floating Islands of the Uros and the people living on Taquile Island maintain their ancestral way of life.
–4 day: Hike from Cusco to Choquequirao, which rivals Machu Picchu in grandeur!
–7 day: Northern circuit tour visiting the Huaywash Cordillera (mountain range, often called the Swiss Alps of the Americas); Cajamarca (historic site that changed the history of the Americas in the XV century); the pre-Inka ruins of Kuelap on the fringes of the Amazon jungle; Sipan with the “Tomb of its Lord” which rivals Tutankhamen in richness and importance; and Chan Chan, the largest pre-columbian adobe city in the world.
–4 or 7 day: Northern Amazon jungle from Iquitos
–4 or 7 day: Manu National Park in southern Peru with largest documented number of flora and fauna species.
NB: We are also able to design individual itineraries using any of these or other destinations in this rich country according to personal interest.